The NVD® microchipping and reunification service is an advanced, effective way to identify a lost pet.

A microchip is a minute, grain-sized chip implanted just beneath the skin between your pet’s shoulder-blades. The implantation process is quick and easy, similar to having a standard vaccination. Should your pet be found wandering lost, it enables him/her to be scanned, identified and reunited with you (the registered owner).

Microchip scanning is common practice for vets, rescue homes and animal charities across the UK. When a lost pet is found, a hand-held scanning device is used to identify your pet’s unique microchip number. This number can then be used to identify the registered owner through the national databases. The microchipping regulations stipulate that all databases are required to provide access to other compliant databases in order to identify where a microchip is registered. National Veterinary Database (NVD®) is one of a number of national databases.

Having up-to-date contact information is essential in completing the next stage of reunification. Registered owners are required to keep their contact details up-to-date and if moving house and/or changing telephone numbers, it is important they tell their veterinary practice to enable the database to be updated.